Splashdrone 4

Splashdrone 4 is the top-of-the range waterproof multicopter option for both fishing and filming. The Splashdrone 4 has multiple payload options including 4 cameras and one release. This drone is the only one on the market globally capable of 4K filming and photography at such a professional level. The Splashdrone 4 also has the option of bait dropper for fishing. This is a great multitool option for the more professional consumer.


Fishing Drone 3 (FD3)

The Fishing Drone 3 is the most advanced Fishing Drone on the market.Fully waterproof,never requires calibration, and has advanced GPS positioning receivers able to receive more satellites than ever before!

Dive in and try the best 2.2kg payload fishing drone on the market.





3.5KG heavy lift drone capable of the longest flight time currently set
for fishing drones. The Max is the most sophisticated fishing drone available.